When it comes to website design several techniques can be used. I decided to go with WordPress to design affordable websites. WordPress has several advantages such as:Wordpress Website Designer

  • Search Engine friendliness
  • Makes easy to change and improve features of your online business
  • The owner of the website can easily add and/or modify pages
  • WordPress is a powerful Content Management System
  • A blog can be easily incorporated. Blogging are powerful helping your website with SEO
  • An easy way to customize all functions of your website

A skilled WordPress Website Designer will make the difference between just a website and a website that delivers results!

Of course an instrument like WordPress is as good as its design. Most of the time websites are NOT designed to get a decent return on your investment. Here my skills as marketer and designer can help increase revenues for your website.

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Web design Oklahoma City. I will design for you a highly optimized website using one of the best open source platforms such WordPress.

Website design that delivers results.

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Website Design Oklahoma City

Website Design Oklahoma City

Important note: I do not low-ball prices and then through an aggressive marketing team you will be forced to pay much more.

I always give you a honest quote, which includes all you really need!

Oklahoma City Web Design include the following features:

  • Manageable directly by the customer
  • Search Engine Optimization ready with 2 revisions; this will save you money in the long term ($500.00 value)
  • Optimized landing pages in order to get higher conversion rates and revenues (priceless)
  • Lightning fast page loading ($50.00 value); important to Google (and SEO in general) and to improve your customers’ experience
  • A personalized theme (or skin) designed by me ($500.00 value)
  • A standard theme for smart phones and tablet computers ($50.00 value)
  • 1 or 2 contact forms with email addresses
  • 1 or more Auto-responders. Give immediate feedback to your Customers (priceless)
  • If this new website replaces an old one, I will take care to redirect any references from the old pages. This is important in order to preserve your previous Search Engine positioning (over $100.00 value)
  • Domain name, web hosting and graphics must be provided by the Customer; in order to avoid issues with copyright the Customer must provide files in the correct format, with proper copyright permissions
  • Integrated tracking and statistical system
  • A complete and integrated tutorial system with text and videos ($200.00 value)
  • An integrated security system ($200.00 value) to keep intruders out of your website
  • A complete backup solution ($100.00 value)
  • I can integrate a blog to your website, which will improve your SEO performances; about $250.00 extra
  • I can design complete eCommerce solutions; starting from $1,500.00 extra
  • I can build and manage your Social Media presence
  • Updates to the Content Management System are quoted separately. Updates are required in order to keep your system in tip top shape and safe against intruders

Let the experience of Oklahoma City Web Design, make your website a reality!

Contact me today and get $200 off your new website!! Limited time offer!

New websites design firm in Oklahoma City and Edmond! Get a Website That Makes Money through the following benefits:

Oklahoma City Web Design

Oklahoma City Web Design

– Being affordable

– A website that makes money for you, not just a page lost in cyberspace

– A website that is part of a marketing strategy, not just a website

– Optimized landing pages to get higher conversions and revenues

– Search Engine Optimization ready. A big money saver!

– You can manage your own website without paying a website designer every time

– An integrated manual system which includes videos. You will learn how to use and modify your new website at your own pace

– A website that can be easily accessed by smart phones and tablet computers

– An integrated security system to keep out bad individuals

– A blog can be easily added to your website. This will help your SEO efforts!

– An eCommerce solution when you need it

– Social Media management to improve your Internet exposure

– The experience of a website designer who makes a living online

Natural searches on Google alone account for over 50% of traffic. If your website is not well positioned on major Search Engines, you are NOT in business!

It is true that you can find a cheap website designer anywhere. But why settle for less than a great website that meets your expectations?

My services are especially customized for businesses local to the greater Oklahoma City area.


In this showcase, I prepared a few pages to show my work. My Customers can have an idea of what I do exactly.

Remember that you don’t want just a website, you want a website that delivers results so ask TODAY for a quote and SAVE $200!

  • Some examples of websites I designed including a website for an Opera Singer, my Blog,  an Opera Workshop and an eCommerce solution. All designed using WordPress or Drupal, two very powerful, yet flexible, CMS’s (Content Management Systems)
  • A few results of my Search Engine Optimization campaigns
  • An interesting case study of a not for profit Organization I am working with. I designed the website and done some SEO work

Website made in Drupal for an Opera Singer

I made this special (and complicated) website for my former wife who is an Internationally acclaimed Opera Singer and College Teacher of Voice. This website features many interesting options, such as an extended use of “views” (which is a way to display interconnected data on a database) and several media galleries: photos, videos on YouTube, audio. Opera Singer Website

This website shows a great deal of her performances and it is used as a promotional vehicle for her artistic efforts.

Thanks to my work with SEO (search Engine Optimization), searches based on relevant keywords (not necessarily her name of course) returns prominent results on the first page of Google.

In order to get a good positioning on search engines, a website needs to be engineered in the proper way; for example the use of Flash presentations, can destroy all marketing efforts. Barbara’s website contains only a few, but relevant, videos and not flash presentations.

American Singer’s Opera Project (ASOP) a Summer Opera Workshop

My friends at ASOP asked me to work on their marketing efforts. One of the first steps was redesigning their entire website. The previous website was designed with obsolete techniques, and no Search Engine Optimization whatsoever.

Website designed in Drupal

There are many advantages to using Drupal as the Content Management System, as I did with ASOP such as:

  1. Easy management of the website
  2. Search Engine Optimization can be done with less efforts
  3. Many modules can be integrated into the project, making the website more flexible, functional, inviting and productive (this draws in customers)

Read the full story of this project by looking at the page The Case Study of ASOP

My Blog on SEO and More

One of the most powerful instruments for promoting a website or a brand is blogging. In order to do a good job, you have to have the right mindset about blogging.Example of a Blog

Try to avoid the temptation to push your products; just write what an independent reviewer would do. Express freely your opinions and try to convey your message.

With my blog I can get pages indexed on Google in a matter of minutes, instead of days or maybe weeks.

Blogging is serious business and you should commit to post something at least once or twice a week. Several big names got “burned” by a less than effective way to blog.

Remember that your customers will interact with your blog. DO NOT use the usual corporate mentality while managing a blog!

List of Articles related with SEO – Search Engine Optimization and Website Design.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Website Design

My name is Angelo and I would like to introduce myself. I have a broad expertise in the Information Technology field.

I often say that I started working with computers back when you had to walk into them to fix them, and I am constantly updating my skills.

SEO Website Designer in Oklahoma City

Angelo – SEO Website Designer in Oklahoma City

I began designing websites in 1998 and soon realized an important factor: a website needs a good SEO and SEM strategy in order to generate revenues.

Part of the overall design, is assuring that landing pages have all needed elements including a call to action.

In many cases a PPC (pay per click) campaign helps a website to get started.

This experience led to my first start up company, a travel related business, which made money from day one. I then started helping small businesses attain their goals.

Remember that you don’t want just a website, you want a website that delivers results so ask TODAY for a quote and SAVE $200!

I am not just a Website Designer, I create complete solutions, websites that deliver results!

Some of the skills I will utilize to bring similar success to YOUR website are:

  • Knowledge of Web programming languages: html, css, javascript, php, mysql
  • Certification as SEO and SEM Engineer
  • Excellent knowledge of Blogging and Content Management System platforms, such as WordPress and Drupal
  • Knowledge of Social Media tools, such as Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Linux Administration
  • Network Management

You can see results of my skills with my showcase and the SEO case study of a Customer. These are some of my SEO Results.

Why wait? Get your new Website TODAY!! Outsourcing offers, especially from overseas, won’t be considered.

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