SEO Results

SEO Results

The examples below show some of my SEO Results obtained on a few of my websites. Why only my websites? Because I do not consider ethical exposing the names of my actual clients.

Why only Google? Google represents the majority of searches. The following results were taken from Google on September 1, 2015. Please note that I am showing only results with a decent amount of traffic.

Many of my competitors give out great results for key-phrases with very little traffic.

SEO Results NOT Many Of My Competitors Can Claim


Key-phrase Position # Competition (no. of pages returned)
gelato 4 37,800,000
gelato oklahoma 1  221,000
latte edmond 3 332,000
ice cream edmond 5 426,000

Please note that the first keyword, gelato, is very generic and it’s spelled the same way in the whole world, so getting a good positioning requires a carefully planned SEO strategy.


Key-phrase Position # Competition (no. of pages returned)
summer opera workshop 10 2,290,000
wake forest summer opera 1 and 2 546,000
wake forest opera 1 562,000
opera workshops in america 3 4,690,000
opera workshop us 8 7,190,000

Why wait? Get your new Website TODAY!! Outsourcing offers, especially from overseas, won’t be considered.

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