My name is Angelo and I would like to introduce myself. I have a broad expertise in the Information Technology field.

I often say that I started working with computers back when you had to walk into them to fix them, and I am constantly updating my skills.

SEO Website Designer in Oklahoma City

Angelo – SEO Website Designer in Oklahoma City

I began designing websites in 1998 and soon realized an important factor: a website needs a good SEO and SEM strategy in order to generate revenues.

Part of the overall design, is assuring that landing pages have all needed elements including a call to action.

In many cases a PPC (pay per click) campaign helps a website to get started.

This experience led to my first start up company, a travel related business, which made money from day one. I then started helping small businesses attain their goals.

Remember that you don’t want just a website, you want a website that delivers results so ask TODAY for a quote and SAVE $200!

I am not just a Website Designer, I create complete solutions, websites that deliver results!

Some of the skills I will utilize to bring similar success to YOUR website are:

  • Knowledge of Web programming languages: html, css, javascript, php, mysql
  • Certification as SEO and SEM Engineer
  • Excellent knowledge of Blogging and Content Management System platforms, such as WordPress and Drupal
  • Knowledge of Social Media tools, such as Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Linux Administration
  • Network Management

You can see results of my skills with my showcase and the SEO case study of a Customer. These are some of my SEO Results.

Why wait? Get your new Website TODAY!! Outsourcing offers, especially from overseas, won’t be considered.

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